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CEO Message

Leading the market with a wide range of materials and solutions, we provide substantial value to our customers as a chemical company that is continuing to grow together with our customers

I appreciate your visit in the LX MMA’s website

LX MMA leads the market fields for MMA and PMMA products with a wide range of materials and solutions, while providing substantial value to our customers and striving to be a company that is growing together with our customers. Since its foundation in 1991, the company has grown continuously for more than 30 years.

LX MMA has focused its capabilities on customer-centered research and development along with thorough market analyses, and the executive faculties of the organization have accelerated through rapid decision-making based on a creative and autonomous organizational culture. In addition, we will continue to implement sustainable management practices in the pursuit of the harmonious development of the environment, our society, and the economy.

Based on a management philosophy of creating value for our customers and always keeping respect for others in mind, LX MMA will continue to challenge and find innovative solutions in order to grow together with our customers, to lead the market, and to achieve the dream of becoming the leader not only in domestic but also on the global stage.

Thank you.

CEO Park Jong-il / LX MMA CO., Ltd