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Our Customer Q&A is available to anyone, and any questions including product questions and data requests can be asked.
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02Consent to the Collection and Use of Personal Information
1. Personal information items collected
A. The company collects the following items of customer information, in order to respond to customer inquiries and offer consultations.
Name, Company name, Email, Contact details
B. The following information may be automatically generated and collected when using the service.
Service use history (times of connections), connection IP information

2. Purpose of collecting and using the personal information
A. The purpose of collecting and using personal information is for LXMMA to provide customized services to its customers.
B. This is necessary to reply to various customer inquiries, after confirming their identification.

3. Period of retaining and using the personal information
If the purpose for collecting and using the personal information is fulfilled or the retention period is terminated, the relevant information shall be completely deleted by means of a non-reproducible method, except when its storage is required in accordance with the user’s consent, the terms and conditions of use, or the relevant statutes, and the information shall be processed so that it cannot to be viewed or used for any purpose.

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