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Acrylic impact modifier - IMMA

LX MMA’s PR700, an acrylic impact modifier, has excellent weather resistance and a structure that has been specially designed to have the same refractive index as PMMA, so it helps maintain the high transparency of the existing PMMA. As the content of the impact modifier increases, the strength of the impact-resistant PMMA also increases. Considering other properties such as the liquidity/heat and the resistance/surface hardness, the contents can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the final product. It is also the best material to completely remove foreign object defects in the final product through our thorough foreign object controls.

아크릴 충격보강제 배경 이미지
01 Applications
  • 충격 보강제 썸네일

    impact modifier

  • 가전 외장 & 자동차 외장 썸네일

    Exteriors of electrical home appliances & Exteriors of automobiles

  • PMMA/ABS 공압출 sheet, etc 썸네일

    PMMA/ABS co-extrusion sheets, etc

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