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Environmental Management

01VISION for Safety and the Environment
LX MMA aims to realize the management ideology of value creation for customers and human respect by establishing and implementing sustainable development plans and building an environment-friendly and clean production system. Based on the company’s on-site safety and environmental management system, LX MMA aims to achieve the vision of the "realization of a Green Plant with no accidents" in a pleasant and safe environment with 「"zero" safety and environmental accidents」.

Safety & environment
management system

"zero" safety and
environmental accidents

realization of a Green Plant with no accidents

02Action Rules for Practicing SafetyㆍEnvironmentㆍHealth
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  • 의식혁신분야
  • 신뢰감형성분야

Recognizing that the safety and health of people and the environment are the basic elements for securing differentiated competitiveness, LX MMA has declared that it will faithfully implement the following matters, to continuously improve its performance in terms of environmental safety and health based on clear goals and a strong executive faculty.

  1. 1.We will comply with the laws and regulations and establish and operate environmental health and safety regulations to be the leader among both domestic and foreign peer industries.
  2. 2.We will pursue continuous innovations in the whole process of our production, to provide eco-friendly products and services.
  3. 3.We will create a safe and pleasant working environment and establish an organizational culture that complies thoroughly with our basic principles.
  4. 4.Based on social responsibility, we will actively support the improvement of the safety measures and a healthy environment among our partner companies and communities.
  5. 5.We will disclose information transparently and sincerely communicate with our stakeholders.
  6. 6.We will do our best to clean up and improve the environment, to protect the global environment.
03Environmental Management System
인증서 이미지
  • Introducing the environmental safety management system

    n order to continuously improve the environmental impact of its production activities, LX MMA has established an in-house environmental management system and operations in compliance with the requirements of ISO-14001, an international standard, and has put continuous efforts into becoming certified by a certification agency in relation to its conformance (once/three years).

  • Internal Audits

    Internal audits are conducted once a year, when internal auditors with the correct experience and qualifications are organized to conduct audits for each workplace. Any nonconformance found in the audit is reported to the CEO of the workplace, and the relevant department is expected to take corrective actions within a short period of time.

  • Follow-up Review by a Certification Agency

    A follow-up review is received at least once a year from an auditor of a workplace-specific certification agency, with the aim to enhance objective trust and efficiency in the certification of the company’s environmental management system.

  • Assessment of Environmental Impact in Advance

    In order to fundamentally improve or minimize the environmental impact in advance when implementing new projects, establishment/expansion projects or process changes, an environmental impact assessment is conducted beforehand in accordance with the assessment system, and matters regarding the environmental permits and safety of the facilities are also checked.

  • Environmental Risk Evaluations

    We continuously improve the environmental performance of the company by evaluating and managing the environmental risks resulting from all activities performed at the workplace, as well as evaluating the compliance obligations related to the products and services, internal and external stakeholders' requirements, and other issues.

  • Inspection and Correctional Actions

    Audits and Measurements

    Correction of Nonconformance and Preventive Actions

    Records/Environmental Management System Audits

  • Implementation and Operation

    Structure and Responsibility

    Training, Recognition and Qualifications

    Documentation of the Environmental Management System

    Control of Documents and Data

    Operation Controls

    Provisions and Actions for Emergencies

  • Plans

    Understanding of the Environmental Aspects and Impact Assessments

    Legal and other Requirements

    Objectives and Detailed Objectives

    Environmental Management Promoting Plans

05RC (Responsible Care)
서약서 이미지
  • What is RC?

    We voluntarily implement a management activity to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by thoroughly preventing environmental pollution and safety accidents, ensuring the health and safety of local residents and our employees, and creating a pleasant environment through the complete management of any hazardous and dangerous materials used and manufactured in the chemical industry. Our ultimate goal is to develop the chemical industry in a sustainable way.

  • Manifestation of the Will to Implement Good Practices

    LX MMA played a central role in the Korean RC Council (KRCC,) in order to settle the introduction of RC. It introduced RC through a monthly general meeting involving all the employees internally, and expressed its will to practice RC by pledging to thoroughly implement good practices.