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Market-leading Company with
Differentiated Materials and Solutions while
Continuing to Grow with Our Customers


  • Differentiated Materials

    Providing the optimal materials to ensure our customers’ business success and providing key materials that outperform our competitors in terms of price and quality, and improve the performance of our customers’ products

  • Solutions

    Providing the services customized to our customers’ individual needs by combining products, services, and technological knowledge

  • Continuous Growth with Our Customers

    Helping our customers develop and succeed by providing differentiated materials and solutions, based on which we also continue to grow

  • Market-leading Company

    A company that provides market-leading materials and services beyond the customers’ expectation, as well as a company that respects and treats its employees fairly

Shared Values
  • LX MMA

    Creation of Valuable Customer Services

    Provide valuable services that substantially help the customers in enhancing their performance and competitive edge, as well as practicing the activities which will elevate the customer’s value through a deep understanding of our customers and the markets, while keeping the importance of each customer in mind.

  • LX MMA

    Powerful Capability for Implementation

    We reach our goals by rightly viewing and thoroughly analyzing the realities and by implementing concrete measures, which are the key factors that drive the goals and aspirations that the company seeks to perform.

  • LX MMA

    Mutual Respect

    We achieve our goals by exercising teamwork through mutual recognition of the value and respect for our employees, which has been a fundamental element in securing our ability to surpass all limitations.