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Development of Sustainable Products

LX MMA strives to develop sustainable products that bear in mind customer convenience and social values, as well as the environmental impact.

01Sustainability & Eco-Friendliness
Based on the excellent material properties of PMMA, including its high surface hardness and weather resistance, LX MMA has developed a paintless-application PMMA, which does not require the painting process. The paintless-application PMMA is environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t require a coating process, and it has the additional advantages of cost savings in maintenance and management, as well as recyclability. In addition, LX MMA is leading the way in reducing the generation of waste, to minimize our environmental impact by continuously evaluating potential measures such the use of packaging made with recycled raw materials.

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02Health & Hygiene
As people’s interest in health and hygiene has increased since COVID-19, the need for deodorizing, antibacterial, and sterilizing functions has risen as well. LX MMA’s antibacterial PMMA has an antimicrobial efficacy against coliform bacillus and staphylococcus, allowing it to be applied in touch panels and partitions that are exposed to frequent physical contact. Furthermore, UV-C light can pass through PMMA, unlike other plastic resins, so PMMA can be used in everyday home appliances that feature sterilization functions.

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03Energy Shift
Initially, PMMA was primarily used in tail light covers and instrument panels, but as the customer demand for PMMA has risen due to a recent increase in the supply of electric vehicles, the range of applications for PMMA has been expanded to include interior and exterior materials, front grills, and side-view mirror covers. As a result, it is now contributing to the creation of lighter modes of transportation and enhanced energy efficiency. PMMA can also be made to be approximately 50% lighter in comparison with glass, so its scope of applications is gradually expanding to replace glass where transparent materials are used.

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Recycled PMMA

In order to establish an ESG ecosystem based on our r-MMA and PMMA Recycling Business Model, LX MMA is focused on securing a steady supply of recycled MMA, ultimately leading to the commercial manufacturing of products.

r-PMMA Value Chain