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Jeong-Do Management

  • Philosophy

    The identity and ultimate goal that encompasses LX's philosophy and spirit

    Furthering the humanitarian legacy of our parent company by linking advanced technology to consumers’ lives

    Creating new value by linking to a sustainable future through innovation

  • Core Value

    The most important values embracing the management principles of LX and the business scope of our subsidiaries

    The core value of LX is 'Link, Future, Human'

  • Promise

    The will and attitude to fulfill our philosophy

    Discovering opportunities to create future values based on the lives of our customers

    Developing solutions that utilize LX's technology and innovation to create solutions that generate future value

Organizational Structure for Jeong-Do Management

To systematically practice Jeong-Do Management, LX MMA has established a Business Audit & Enhancement Team, an organization dedicated to Jeong-Do Management, under the CEO. We also promote training and conduct investigations into reports to secure a healthy organizational culture and solidify our organizational discipline. Furthermore, we carry out regular Jeong-Do Management-related diagnoses of our internal teams, to help them generate better performances and enhance their competitiveness.

LX Code of Ethics

Honest and fair business
to earn trust from our customers and partners and to build a better society

  • Chapter 1. Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers

    Our customers form the foundation of our business, and LX will always highly regard and respect their views. We seek to earn unconditional trust from our customers by continuously providing them with practical values.

    1. Respecting Customers
    We value the opinions of our customers and validate their true needs at all times. We regard our customers as the primary standard for our decisions and conduct.
    2. Creating Value
    (1) We work hard to create value for our customers. Through customer satisfaction, we can build the foundation of our sustainable prosperity.
    (2) We continuously create practical value that fully benefits and satisfies our customers.
    3. Providing Value
    (1) We are always true to our customers and never fail to keep our word.
    (2) We offer the highest quality products and services at affordable prices and respond to our customers' requests with speed and accuracy.

  • Chapter 2. Fair Competition

    In all its business activities worldwide, LX shall gain competitive advantage through fair methods, respecting the laws and regulations of each region.

    1. Pursuing Free Competition
    (1) We uphold the principles of the free market economic system and pursue open competition around the world. We earn our customers' trust through top-quality products and services.
    (2) We compete fairly and capably with our competitors and do not interfere with their interests or exploit their weaknesses.
    2. Complying with Laws and Regulations
    We conduct our domestic and overseas business activities in strict accordance with local laws and regulations, and with respect for local business customs.

  • Chapter 3. Fair Transactions

    All business transactions are based on the principles of fair competition, with equal opportunity guaranteed to all entities. We build trust and cooperative relationships through fair and transparent transactions. Such relationships are built based on long-term mutual growth.

    1. Equal Opportunity
    (1) We offer equal opportunities to all qualified companies seeking to become our business partners.
    (2) We register and select all applicants in a systematic manner, following a fair and objective evaluation process.
    2. Fair Transaction Process
    (1) We conduct all business transactions under equal circumstances. The terms and procedures of the transaction are thoroughly discussed between the parties involved.
    (2) We never engage in any form of unfair transaction taking advantage of any superior position.
    (3) We exchange transaction information through appropriate procedures in a timely manner. Transaction results are evaluated on a regular basis and mutual cooperation measures are taken.
    3. Pursuing Mutual Growth
    (1) We support the long-term growth of our dealers and vendors by enhancing their competitiveness through technological and managerial assistance. We share the profits derived from business innovations.
    (2) We pursue mutual efforts and cooperate with our business partners in promoting a healthy business environment and maintaining fair business processes.

  • Chapter 4. Basic Ethics of Employees

    Based on strong beliefs in honesty and fairness, LX employees must build righteous values, continuously self-develop and perform their duties in a fair manner to achieve their given mission.

    1. Basic Ethics
    (1) LX employees take pride in the company and always maintain honesty and fairness.
    (2) LX employees have a high standard of morality and continuously strive to maintain their personal dignity and the company's honor.
    2. Accomplishing Mission
    (1) LX employees accomplish their duties in accordance with the visions and policies of the company.
    (2) LX employees carry out their assigned duties in the best possible and fairest manner while observing relevant laws and regulations.
    (3) LX employees protect and preserve company property and maintain confidentiality on information gained during employment.
    (4) LX employees openly communicate and cooperate with colleagues and related departments to enhance work efficiency.
    3. Self-development
    LX employees understand the meaning of an ideal employee and constantly strive to meet these standards through self-development.
    4. Fair Handling of Job
    (1) LX employees carry out their duties based on honesty and fairness, always seeking to contribute to fostering a sound business culture.
    (2) LX employees do not accept any form of financial benefits from stakeholders, which can influence their clear judgment.
    (3) LX employees do not engage in immoral or unethical behavior, as defined by social norms, in performing their duties or living their personal lives.
    5. Avoiding Conflict of Interests with the company
    (1) LX employees avoid personal behavior or relationships that are in conflict with company interests.
    (2) LX employees do not use company property to pursue their personal interests.

  • Chapter 5. Responsibilities for Employees

    All employees are respected as a dignified individual. They will be treated fairly according to their abilities and achievements and encouraged to express their creativity to its full extent.

    1. Respecting Humanity
    (1) LX treats each employee with warmth and trust and values every individual's dignity.
    (2) LX makes every effort to help employees feel pride and personal fulfillment by giving them a sense of ownership in their jobs.
    (3) LX has established regulations and educational guidelines and takes necessary actions to assist employees in performing their duties in a fair and effective manner.
    2. Fair Treatment
    (1) LX offers equal opportunities to all its employees based on their abilities and talents.
    (2) LX evaluates the abilities and performance of its employees using fair means and rewards them accordingly.
    3. Promoting Creativity
    (1) LX makes every effort to create a working environment conducive to creative thinking and autonomous behavior.
    (2) LX actively develops employee abilities and manages its human resources based on a long-term plan.
    (3) LX respects personal lifestyles and creates a developed organizational culture through mutual trust and understanding.

  • Chapter 6. Responsibilities for the Environment, Society and Shareholders

    We contribute to the happiness and sustainable development of mankind by fulfilling our responsibilities to the environment and society through honest and transparent management.

    1. Conserving the Environment
    We strive to prevent environmental pollution and employ every measure necessary to preserve the natural environment.
    2. Complying with Social Responsibility
    As part of the communities, we conduct our businesses respecting social values.
    3. Protecting Shareholder Returns
    We enhance the company value and protect the interests of our shareholders through reasonable and transparent management.

Code of Ethics Practice Guidelines

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Operation Programs

LX MMA is committed to being a company that is respected by the society and its customers, and is developing and implementing the following programs.

  • Operation of Management by Principle

    LX MMA operates the Ethics Bureau, an organization dedicated to Management by Principle, directly under the chief executive officer to execute the activities for Management by Principle systematically. LX MMA's Korea and overseas business sites also have their own Ethics Bureaus.

  • Portal for Management by Principle

    LX MMA operates an intranet site containing the detailed information about Management by Principle such as the LX codes of conduct, Q&A on Management by Principle, etc. Through this website, LX MMA prevents any act of violation caused by the failure to accurately understand `the LX codes of conduct and answers all the questions that might arise while carrying out Management by Principle.

  • Education/
    Promotion of
    Management by Principle

    LX MMA provides training programs for its employees by their duties, including purchase, sales, production, R&D, etc. and also by their titles, including new recruits, managers, seniors, etc. The company also provides online training programs so that all the employees can take the training courses for Management by Principle on a regular basis. Moreover, the company has expanded the scope of its training programs, covering overseas employees and partner companies. Alongside the training programs, LX MMA does its best to firmly establish the organizational culture of Management by Principle by promoting the relevant activities and sharing specific cases of violation.

  • Management by Principle Pledge

    LX MMA performs the Management by Principle Pledge for its entire employees online. In this pledge, LX MMA's employees and partner companies vow to comply with the LX codes of conduct and practice Management by Principle every year.

신고 및 제보 프로세스

LX MMA는 임직원들의 부정비리나 정도경영 위반 사항을 신고할 수 있는 사이버신문고 제도를 운영하고 있습니다. 임직원이 이해관계자로부터 사례를 받거나 회사 자산을 불법적으로 또는 무단으로 사용한 경우, 협력회사 선정 시 투명성이 결여된 경우 등 정도경영 관련 고충사항이 발생할 경우 임직원은 물론 외부 이해관계자들도 온라인, 우편, FAX 등을 통해 신고 및 제보가 가능합니다. 당사는 접근성 높은 신고체계를 바탕으로 임직원의 부정비리, 불합리한 제도 및 업무 프로세스 등을 개선하고 건전한 조직문화와 공정한 협력관계가 정착될 수 있도록 노력하고 있습니다. 이 밖에도 직장 내 괴롭힘, 성희롱 등 윤리 및 인권 관련 고충사항은 사내 인트라넷을 통해 제보할 수 있으며, 경영진단/개선팀을 직접 방문하거나 우편 등 오프라인으로도 신고 가능한 프로세스를 갖추고 있습니다. 앞으로도 LX MMA는 다양한 신고체계를 운영하며 사회적 요구에 부합하는 윤리적 책임을 이행해 나갈 것입니다.

  • 신문고제도

    임직원들의 정도경영 위반이나 부정비리의 신고 등을 위하여 신문고제도를 운영하고 있습니다.
    온라인, 우편, FAX 등의 방법을 통해 임직원은 물론 외부에서도 신고가 가능합니다. 이 제도를 통해
    임직원의 부정비리, 불합리한 제도 및 업무 프로세스 등을 개선하고자 노력하고 있습니다.

    · E-mail :
    · Tel : 02-6930-3821
    · Fax : 02-6930-3801
    · 주소 : 서울시 중구 후암로98 LX MMA 경영개선팀
    · 사이버신문고 : (

  • 금품수수

    LX MMA 임직원은 이유 이하를 불문하고 이해관계자로부터의 금품 및 향응 수수를 엄격하게 금지하고
    있습니다. 특히, 경조사와 관련해서는 경조금 및 경조선물(꽃/화원 등 포함) 등에 대한 수취는 일절
    금지하고 있습니다.

    · E-mail :
    · Tel : 02-6930-3821
    · Fax : 02-6930-3801
    · 주소 : 서울시 중구 후암로98 LX MMA 경영개선팀
    · 사이버신문고 : (

신고자 보호 제도

LX MMA는 제보자의 신분 및 제보 내용, 제보와 관련된 이해관계자의 정보까지 엄격히 보호하며, 신고자 보호 제도에 대한 구체적인 내용을 당사 홈페이지에 안내함으로써 제보자가 안심하고 신고할 수 있도록 독려하고 있습니다. 당사는 제보자의 동의 없이 제보자의 신분이나 협의대상자를 암시하는 행위를 금지하며 제보 처리 시, 비밀준수에 서약한 제한된 인원만을 참여하게 함으로써 제보시스템의 보안을 철저히 유지하고 있습니다. 또한, 신고나 진술 등의 이유로 제보자에게 불이익이 발생할 경우 원상회복 및 이에 준하는 책임을 다하며 본인과 연관된 부정, 비리를 제보할 경우 이를 정상 참작하여 징계를 경감하는 등 제보자를 보호하는 합리적인 절차를 이행하고 있습니다.

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