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Certification Acquired

LX MMA has been certified as per the ISO 14001
(International Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001
(International Safety and Health Management System), and the KOSHA 18001
(Korea Health and Safety Management System) standards, by periodically
evaluating its environmental, safety and health management systems and
by establishing a foundation for autonomous management systems.

The implementation status of the company’s environmental safety and health management system
is regularly reviewed both internally and externally, to verify its conformance together
with the validity of the system.

Environment and Safety Awards

As a result of systematically implementing and continually improving the environmental safety and health management system, LX MMA has received an objective recognition of excellence for an improved performance from major outside institutions.

환경 안전 수상

Name of the Certification/Designation

Certifying/Designating Institution

Date of the Certification/Designation

Prize of excellence in the coexistent cooperation program presentation contest

Ministry of Employment and Labor


Achieved 20 times disaster-free operation hours

Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency


Award for excellence in the green growth evaluation

Ministry of the Environment


Firefighting Day award for a self-firefighting unit

Ministry of the Interior and Safety


Grand prize in the first aid management competition for the Yeosu Mayor's flag

Yeosu Mayor


Yeosu Industrial Complex best company award for safety management

Yeosu Mayor


Best business site award for environmental management

Yeosu Mayor


Designated as an excellent company for labor-management cooperation

Ministry of Employment and Labor


Best business site award for safety management

Yeosu Mayor


Prime Minister citation for a contribution to preventing industrial accidents

Ministry of Employment and Labor


Industrial citation for energy-savings contribution

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy


Safety management grand prize

Ministry of Employment and Labor, Maeil Business Newspaper