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MMA, MAA, and BMA, which are colorless and transparent liquids, have dual bonds and functional groups within their molecules, which are highly reactive and cause various chemical reactions such as polymerization and esterification. They are supplied as raw materials for acrylic resins, paint, glue, etc., and contribute greatly to the development of the related industries.

01 Guidance on Products

Take a quick look at various monomers that are widely used in many areas.

  • MMA(Methyl methacrylate)

    MMA is a colorless and transparent liquid that has excellent transparency and weather resistance, and is used as a raw material for a number of chemical products including paint, adhesives, and fiber paste, starting from acrylic resin, which is gaining attention as an eco-friendly material.

  • MAA(Methacrylic acid)

    MAA is a colorless and transparent liquid that is a widely-used material in our daily lives, including in NB Latex, paint, cement superplasticizer, fiber paste and adhesives.

  • BMA(n-Butyl methacrylate & i-Butyl methacrylate)

    BMA is a colorless and transparent liquid that is widely used in paints, lubricants, paper processing agents, and fiber treating agents.