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LX MMA was founded as a joint venture between LX Holdings, Sumitomo Chemical and Nippon Shokubai which are leading Japanese chemical companies in order to localize methyl methacrylate (MMA) that is completely imported to be used in various industrial, to stabilize its supply and demand for domestic companies and to improve their international competitive edge.

Founded in

March 1991

Business category

Manufacture of petrochemical products




  • 260,000 tons

    Annual MMA

  • 120,000 tons

    Annual PMMA

  • Korea’s first

    Localization of
    MMA and PMMA

  • Technology Research Center

    Runs its own
    research center

  • World’ first

    Swing production of
    PMMA and SMMA

  • Global level

    In terms of the
    production capacity

  • 40 Countries

    Exports to 40
    countries in the world

  • 95%

    Covers 95% of the PMMA
    demand for domestic car taillights


01Management Philosophy of Value Creation for
Customers and Human Respect

After the establishment of the company in March 1991, with completion of the MMA Plants 1 and 2 having an annual capacity of 100,000 MT, as well as the PMMA Plant 1 having an annual capacity of 50,000 MT, in 2005 the PMMA Plant 2 with a bulk polymerization method was completed in the Yeosu National Industrial Complex, the mecca of the Korean chemical industry, allowing the company to have an additional production capacity of 40,000 MT of PMMA. In addition, LX MMA is leading the way in realizing the management ideology of creating value for customers and respect for human beings, by providing high quality products and services in the most quick and convenient manner through continuous joint research and development projects with our joint venture partners.

Through the completion of the MMA Plant 3 in 2008, the expansion of the PMMA Plant 2 in 2010, and the expansion of the PMMA Plant 1 in 2011, the company’s total PMMA production capacity reached 123,000 MT. After revamping the MMA plant 3 in 2019, the MMA production capacity increased by 80,000 MT to reach 260,000 MT, which further solidified LX MMA’s position as the No. 1 supplier in Korea and made the company emerge on the global MMA stage.


Implementing New and
Consistent Innovation Activities
throughout the Business

We are carrying out 6 sigma activities under the goal of
zero product defects and zero claims, and are building world-class quality
and corporate competitiveness through the improvement of
our production processes, customer services, and business processes.
We will continue to develop into a global chemical company that
delivers real value to our customers with market-leading differentiated
materials and solutions, while continuing to grow along with our customers.