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Talent Fostering System

LX MMA provides diverse learning opportunities for our employees to enhance their professional expertise. We conduct training courses for leadership competencies, job competencies and global competencies to cultivate skilled talent, and we strive to help our future leaders reach their full potential.

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Improving Organizational Culture

LX MMA is committed to creating a culture that encourages the healthy utilization of vacation days, for employees to retain their work-life balance. We work towards increasing our employees’ work engagement and rejuvenation by designating the second Friday of every month as a Family Day and offering Self-Leading Days for leaders, as well as half-day leave on Fridays and personal leave for anniversaries. LX MMA is also striving to establish a culture that promotes healthy company gatherings. By sharing the ground rules for gatherings with all our employees, including recommending luncheons instead of dinners and encouraging all dinners to end before 9 p.m. for the purpose of building a sound gathering culture, we aim to foster a culture where gatherings have a positive influence on all members of the company.

Employee Welfare Benefits

LX MMA operates various benefits programs, so that all our employees can take pride in the company and feel that they are being taken care of, which helps them stay devoted to their work. To recharge, employees can use company-affiliated condos and resorts across the country. We also help alleviate their financial burden by offering home loans, microloans, company housing and dormitories. Long-term employees receive long-service awards, to ensure they feel a sense of pride in their long-term commitment to the company. We operate other benefits programs that include helping for celebratory events and condolence events, medical checkups and fitness training allowances, and support for retirees, which help our employees maintain stability in their lives while elevating their overall satisfaction with the company.

Childbirth and Childcare Support System

To alleviate the burdens of childbirth and childcare among our employees, and to help them stay devoted to both their work and family, LX MMA provides various kinds of support, including items to congratulate childbirth, kindergarten expenses, congratulatory allowances for college admissions, and educational expenses.