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Coating binders

LX MMA's acrylic beads for coating binders have excellent transparency and glossiness, and are able to present beautiful colors. They also have excellent weather resistance and durability, allowing a product to maintain its initial physical properties even if left outdoors for a long time. They dissolve well in various solvents including aromatic, ester, and ketone solvents, so the coating work is easy.

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01 Applications
  • Gravure inks image

    Gravure inks

  • Paint for road markings image

    Paint for road markings

  • Heavy-duty rust-prevention paint (for ships and containers) image

    Heavy-duty rust-prevention paint (for ships and containers)

  • Various plastic hard coatings image

    Various plastic hard coatings

  • PVC coatings (for artificial leathers) image

    PVC coatings
    (for artificial leathers)

  • Coatings for automobiles image

    Coatings for automobiles

  • Undercoats for automobiles image

    Undercoats for automobiles

  • Wood coatings image

    Wood coatings

Gravure inks

A thermal transfer to the final product is conducted after printing multiple times on PET film, etc., in the following order: mold releasing agent → ink layer → adhesive layer.

Printing is applied on stationery (writing materials, glue, pencil cases), cosmetics containers, the packing of household items (toothbrushes, soap cases, water bottles, pharmaceutical containers), etc.

Paint for road markings

The paint is applied to room-temperature curing type MMA resin (cold plastic) and solvent-type products, to provide excellent weather resistance (weatherability) and durability.

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