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Safety and Health Management

LX MMA has selected and manages environmental safety and health, as well as the top priority tasks of its management,
and has established and operates advanced management systems such as accident prevention activities, safety diagnoses,
education and training, management of its partners, and health promotion activities with the aim of realizing "zero" safety and
health accidents and disease-free plants.

(Serious Industrial Accident)

Recordable Injuries
(Minor Accident)

or First Aid

(Major Industrial Accident)

Hazards Unsafe Acts /
Unsafe Condition
1. Conduct an advance risk assessment and comply with the change management procedures 2. Comply with the safety work permit procedures 3. Comply with the safe work procedures of partner companies (outsourced workers) 4. Ensure the wearing of protective gear and safety equipment 5. Appoint an observer when working with fire, entering a tank or performing dangerous work 6. The supervisor should complete thorough on-site checks

01Emergency Operating System

In petrochemical plants, there is a high potential risk of fire and explosion, and in the event of certain accidents the materials can spread to become secondary environmental pollution accidents. Therefore, these plants operate a comprehensive disaster prevention center and an emergency response organization, as the initial response to an accident is important to minimize the damage, and we are fully committed to preventing accidents through providing regular training once a quarter.

Early detection
(notification of
the situation)

Emergency contact
network is operated

Disaster Prevention Office

Duties in an

Task force is operated


Fire engine is

Fire fighters are

Extinguishing a Fire

Practical drills

Imaginary scenarios

Firefighting facilities

Water curtain process

Emergency actions

Rescue & Recovery

Ambulance is

Transportation /
First aid

02Operation of the Safe/Unsafe Mileage System

LX MMA has operated the Safe/Unsafe Mileage system since 2018, as a means to enhance the safety awareness of all its employees and to comply with basic procedures, and the importance of accident prevention activities is once again emphasized, given that an explosion and serious accidents at nearby companies have been caused by worker mistakes or a failure to take sufficient safety measures before beginning the work. Therefore, we continue to reduce our risks through the on-site control of these issues.

Behavior Observations

Operation of the Safe/Unsafe Mileage System image

“Prevention of safety accidents by enhancing safety awareness
and reducing unsafe behaviors”

03Risk Assessments - IRMS System

While qualitative assessment methods are generally used in a risk assessment, which is the most important part of process safety management, a quantitative risk assessment can be performed more accurately, but is not often used due to taking too much time and consuming too much money, as a result of the need for hiring the experts and the statistical data acquisition. Therefore, LX MMA has introduced a simpler quantitative assessment technique (LOPA) to establish and implement a quantitative management system (IRMS) that rationally and scientifically manages the risks of its processes.

04Education and Training in Safety and Health

LX MMA provides the legally required training program in a regular-basis, stratum-specific, and education on changes in the structure and content of work, as well as special program by external professional instructors, the cultivation of internal experts, and a regular maintenance preparation training program. All the employees also enhance their safety-oriented mind through education in Safety First/Safety Leadership. In addition, considering the characteristics of the plant, we promote safety awareness through construction safety and experience training, and have established a rapid response system for emergencies through conducting fire drills (regular, unexpected, joint, and basic).

05Operation of a Health Promotion System

LX MMA enhances the efficiency of its health care by computerizing its management tasks such as health examinations and management of the working environment or GHS MSDS. This system can be used to provide workers with the best health care services and to determine health care policies through the searching and statistical processing of various health-related data.

  • Prepare a Health Examination Plan

    Select the examination items

    Select the exam institutions

    Select the exam subjects

    Inform the subject of cautions
    before the exam

  • Health Examinations

    Special exam (twice a year)

    General/comprehensive exam
    (once a year)

  • Consultation of the Results

    Explain the results to the

    Select goals for health

    Manage computerized data of the

06Hearing Maintenance Program
  • Analysis of workplace noise
    measurement results and
    hearing loss trends

  • Hazard Identification

  • Education/Training

  • Action

  • Medical Check-ups

  • Periodic Exposure Assessments

07Prevention of Musculoskeletal Diseases

LX MMA recognizes that prevention is more effective than diagnosis and treatment due to the nature of the musculoskeletal disease,
and strives to prevent musculoskeletal diseases by introducing investigations of harmful factors,
as well as by encourage stretching and gymnastic workouts.

08Health Promotion Activities

LX MMA is serious about providing continuous support for health promotion activities to improve the productivity and quality of life of its employees, by promoting the formation of a one-hearted community among the employees and enhancing a healthy mind through participation in informal group activities.

  • LX MMA

    Joint Firefighting
    Drill with the Fire Station

  • LX MMA

    First Aid Competition

  • LX MMA

    K-PSR Process Risk
    Assessment Training