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Environmental Philosophy

LX MMA is the leader in developing eco-friendly processes and materials in consideration of the environment

Today, the chemical industry is more strongly than ever required to not just produce chemicals, but to enrich human life and, by
extension, to take corporate social responsibility for the preservation of the global environment and the development of local communities. LX MMA has established an autonomous environment management system by setting up cooperation between labor union and management, as well as environmental safety and health management, as the core values of the company. It has achieved remarkable business results including the introduction of eco-friendly processes in all of its product development, production, distribution, use, and disposal work, and the establishment of clean manufacturing processes by incorporating 6 sigma innovation activities in which all employees participate in the environmental safety and health sector.

Introduced eco-friendly processes in all work stages

  • STEP 01

    Product Development

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Establishes clean manufacturing processes

  • 6 sigma innovation activities

  • Environmental Safety and Health Sector

  • Clean Manufacturing Processes

We have also introduced and implemented a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique based on our environmental management system, and we are striving to reduce pollutants through process innovations by introducing new environmental technologies and making bold investments.

In addition, we are actively working through a voluntary energy agreement to prevent the global warming caused by greenhouse gases, and are practicing sustainable management by implementing the chemical industry's voluntary campaign called Responsible Care, which follows the chemical emissions reduction agreement and continuously promotes improvement activities regarding safety, the environment, and human health.

LX MMA is pleased to disclose its environmental safety and health management system and its efforts and achievements up to now to its stakeholders in our environmental report, and we are confident that it will serve as a foundation for more reliable and transparent environmental management by disclosing the environmental measures to be evaluated.

LX MMA, rather than taking a complacent role in this process, will fulfill its social responsibilities by securing the health, safety, and a pleasant environment for local residents and its employees, by ensuring sustainable development with differentiated materials and solutions and becoming a market leader that continues to grow with its customers.