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Ethics Hotline

There is a system in place so that unfair demands, irregularities, corruption, etc.,
among LX MMA executives and employees can be reported and the following matters can be addressed.

01Ethics Hotline
  • Receipt of reward (money or other valuables) from interested parties

  • Illegal and Unfair Use of Company Assets

  • Share in the Unjust Profits of Business Partners

  • Lack of Clarity in Selection of Business Partners

  • Manipulation of Documents / Numerical Figures and False Reporting

  • Other Violations of Code of Ethics

02Informant Protection

LX will take the full responsibility for protecting the informant with the highest level of confidentiality.
We do not disclose the ID of the informant or any information suggesting it without consent of the informant, and will accept the liability for any disadvantages incurred by failure to observe this by making restitution or equivalent action.

Persons Subject to Protection

Protection of the informant is under the condition of submitting real name and accurate evidence. And we will protect the information on the report of informant and on the interested parties concerned with the highest level of confidentiality.

Information on the informant to be protected is as follows:
① Identity of informant
② Evidence provided by the informant or information collected in connection with the report
③ Any content that may allude to the person to be consulted
④ Follow-ups on the result after report, etc.

Protection Policy

  • Information of the informant and the contents of reports are treated under strict confidentiality by ‘Jeong-Do’ Management, the reporting system is under protection of safe security system. And handling of reports is carried out by limited number of personnel who are under oath to keep the information regarding the reports confidential.

  • In case the unfavorable measures taken against or the punishment of the informant are recognized to have been incurred by the report, restitution or equivalent compensation shall be made.

  • When the informant reports corruption or irregularities involving the informant himself/herself, a reasonable treatment will be followed in full consideration of the extenuating circumstances.