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01Corporate Identity Structure
  • Philosophy

    The identity and ultimate goal that encompasses LX's philosophy and spirit

    Furthering the humanitarian legacy of our parent company by linking advanced technology to consumers’ lives

    Creating new value by linking to a sustainable future through innovation

  • Core Value

    The most important values embracing the management principles of LX and the business scope of our subsidiaries

    The core value of LX is 'Link, Future, Human'

  • Promise

    The will and attitude to fulfill our philosophy

    Discovering opportunities to create future values based
    on the lives of our customers

    Developing solutions that utilize LX's technology and innovation to create solutions that generate future value

02Code of Conduct

Jeong-Do Management, based on ethical management, is the LX code of conduct that encourages capacity development continuously to promote fair business practices.

03Elements of Jeong-Do Management
  • Honesty

    Work transparently according
    to our principles and standards.

  • Fair Treatment

    Provide equal opportunity
    and fair treatment
    in all business contexts.

  • Fair competition
    based on competence

    Develop the competence
    to compete and win fairly.