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Functional film/new material

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01 Film/Sheet

Applied grade: HI835MU, HI835HU

The acrylic film prevents color fading, chalking, crazing, peeling, etc., from occurring on the surface of a product, with its inherent properties of excellent weather resistance and high surface hardness. It provides 2-3 times more durability compared to a painted surface. It also has a good luster for a beautiful exterior.

Applications in detail

Extrusion Mobile Window sheet

Anti - scratch IML Film

PC /PMMA Co-extrusion sheet

Automotive interior IML Film

Whitening-free type Film

High weatherability Film

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UV blocking feature of acrylic film

  • UV - C : 100~280

    UV - B : 280~315

    UV - A : 315~380

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  • UV – VIS Spectrum: blocks UV light with a 380 nm
    or shorter wavelength (the blocking feature depends on the type and
    contents of the UV stabilizer.)

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02 Photovoltaic Backsheet

Photovoltaic backsheets, which protect solar cells in harsh environments, have a rapidly expanding market with an annual growth rate of 20%, from $5 million in 2011 to $13.7 million in 2015. LX MMA's impact-resistant PMMA is used as a material for PV backsheets, and is recognized as the best product in the industry based on its excellent weather resistance and processability.

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03 Medical diagnostic applications

PMMA is an optimal material for dental fillings and medical applications, based on its high transparency and non-toxicity as it does not contain any substances harmful to the human body. Also, due to PMMA's excellent processability, even thin and fine products with a complex structure can be molded without any problem.

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04 Capstock

PMMA, when co-extrusion molded with ABS, PC/ABS, HIPS, ASA, ASA/PC, PC, PVC, etc., not only provides high gloss and color to a product’s exterior but also maximizes its stability against heat, UV rays, shock, scratches, and various chemicals. It is widely used for building window frames, trim, fences, bathtubs, and furniture.

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