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Light guide panel (TV/illumination)

LX MMA supplies superb optical products that meet the following major requirements, while being optimized for light guide panels.

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01 Major requirements
  • Transparency

    In order to transmit light to the upper part without any loss, the high purity of the transparency is maintained so that the material does not absorb light.

  • Thermal stability (to prevent yellowing)

    When yellowing is generated by heat during the sheet processing, the absorption of light increases and the light transmittance decreases, so the luminance of the product becomes uneven. Therefore, excellent thermal stability of the material is required.

  • Foreign objects

    Large foreign objects may result in bright spots, while fine foreign objects may impede the transmittance. LX MMA's optical grade is manufactured in dedicated production lines with strict quality controls to maintain a very high purity.

  • Heat resistance

    Since the light guide panel is located close to the light source, the raw material is required to have heat resistance characteristics to prevent changes resulting due to the heat generated from the light source.

  • Weather resistance

    There should be no changes over time, to prevent deterioration of the transmittance due to discoloration (yellowing) etc., when a product is used for a long time.

  • Moisture resistance

    SMMA maintains the optical properties of PMMA while having the advantage of low moisture absorption due to the presence of styrene, thus providing stability in environments with high temperatures and humidity.

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